Collision Repair

Our collision repair services are top notch! By using the latest tools in the business we make the collision repair process fast and seamless.  Lehner’s Collision features quality equipment, as well as quality collision repair service!

Collision Repair


We offer only the best service for you, our customer.  That means that only the best equipment will do for your repairs.  Some of our top of the line equipment includes:
·Estimating Software – Our estimating software is designed to make the first step in the collision repair process more efficient by combining labor times, parts prices, and much more.
·Frame Machine – The Chief S21M provides our shop with real power and versatility. The precision dual-action hydraulics give technicians the extra power to handle even the hardest hits. The S21M is a universal pulling system that gives us the power to perform collision repair on everything from small, unitized body vehicles like trucks, vans and even the biggest sport utility vehicles.
·Frame Measuring – Our computerized measuring system provides fast set-up, fast operation, and fast measuring. Plus, it provides reports to show measurements before, during and after collision repair, offering indisputable evidence that the repairs made returned the vehicle to pre-collision condition.
·Diagnostic Tool – Whether you need drivability, undercar, transmission, diesel, body control or just about any repair you can think of, our diagnostic tools offer advanced technology to help us diagnose problems and find solutions to perform the correct repair services.


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Saturday and Sunday Closed
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